Animating Business

Worldwide there is an increasing need for
communicating science, technology and education.
Through unique style and storytelling, animation
can communicate across age groups, language
barriers and educational level.


Tumblehead can offer creative media solutions
to a specific brief or develop a project from the
gem of an idea through to final delivery. We
have produced a wide array of branded and 
creative content for corporate videos, short
films, pilots, TV series, websites, applications,
feature films and commercials.

How we do it

We focus on great storytelling using animation 
as our tool. For each particular project we bring
together a bespoke team from a creative pool
of directors, animators, musicians, scriptwriters
and talented voice actors so you know you're in
good hands.

How we work

Animation is a quick, efficient and memorable
medium when it comes to getting an
idea across. Bringing together our experience
and your creative needs we come up
with a unique concept and story proposal.
We welcome clients who enjoy taking part in
the creative process and strive to make ideas
come to life in a collaborative and fun way.
We like the final product to have your voice.